Five Decisions To Make For A Great 2022.

"Happy new year" but will this year be "happy" for you? Will you look back and see that it was indeed a year of joy, peace and remarkable achievements? It's up to you to decide. And the best time to make a decision is before a situation arises that'll require that decision.


On Saturday, the 4th of December, my first book "Letters To Abba" will be available for download. It's not available in paperback for now....

How To Spell L.O.V.E : fulfilling our highest calling.

It's easy to Love when people are nice, sweet and loveable. But how do we love our enemies? How do we do good to them that do us harm? How do we spell love to difficult people?

The Final Blow That Turned Me Into A Serial Killer.

The diatribe session was my favourite of all tests. I was so good at it I could see my teacher smiling slightly every time...

Chemicals In His Brain

Right in the middle of my fears about men and resentment for them, Abba blessed me with the best man for me, brought him in the only way my heart could have accepted him and has brought us thus far. Abba is simply the best Dad!

Three Things That Went Wrong On My Wedding Day.

We had amazing plans for our day, great expectations of surprises (which actually happened) and a team to help us make our day run...

Five Bible Verses That Describe The Kind Of Faith We Received At Salvation.

"A" measure of faith, or "The" measure of faith? It makes a whole lot of difference how we read God's Word. Every scripture is God-breathed,...

Guess Who I Dated During My Three-week Long NYSC Camp And Why?

I had actually gone prepared. I heard tales of the three-week long training camp for graduates who had been called to serve Nigeria under the...

MerPat2020 is a Go

It's the beginning of a beautiful forever journey for us and we love to share with you how we began. This bulletin has a snippet...

About Me

Mercy Hephzibah Ndifon is a Nigerian Writer and Spoken Word Poet. In 2021, she authored her first book LETTERS TO ABBA. She's married to Patrick M. Ndifon. She enjoys journalling, reading and counselling.
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A Must Try Recipe

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