The MerPat2020 FaithList

It's our big day in a few weeks (10/10//2020) and we thought to share with you gift ideas for our wedding. On standard wedding...

Between Seven Devils And The Sisterhood.

I grew up in an industrial city known for its wealth. A thriving popular town. Being born here rubbed off a sense of responsibility...

Three Things That Sparked Growth In My Facebook Space

These three things are perculiar to me. They might work for you too because I've noticed this with a lot of social media influencers....

Defending Extravagance

"The master is here and he calls for you specifically"I stand up immediately and follow Martha. I had waited for this moment, rehearsed my...

If You Started Facebook Like I Did, This Memory Will Tickle You.

My first experience of Facebook was on a large desktop screen with patches of black and grey whose keyboard keys were incomplete, in an...

Did Adam Actually Name Over 500,000 Living things?

Adam's eyes tingle as the approaching army of beasts come into clearer view. The grass beneath his feet, though wet with dew, hold...

He Called Me Daughter

You know her. Not her name. But you know her. You've read her story, heard preachers tell you different narratives from the very brief scene she shares in the Bible record of Jesus healing ministry. It's the only time she appears. But there's something striking about that moment. It's a moment of acceptance for her..

How The Journal Of A Jesus Girl Started Will Make You Laugh

It might or it might not actually make you laugh. The date was 17th January 2017. Before now, I had already written a few...

Three Easily Overlooked, But Vital, Truths You Probably Missed In The Genesis Creation Story

These truths lay there plainly but unless you’re deliberately searching for them, they, like dark objects in a pitch-dark room are easy to miss....

My Scandal Baby

Nine months of awkward expectations. The lingering scent of scandal and finally, I birth the one child that changed my life from the moment he was conceived till the hours just before my heart tore out of my chest because of him.

About Me

Mercy Hephzibah Ndifon is a Nigerian Writer and Spoken Word Poet. In 2021, she authored her first book LETTERS TO ABBA. She's married to Patrick M. Ndifon. She enjoys journalling, reading and counselling.
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