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Mercy Hephzibah Ndifon is a Nigerian Writer and Spoken Word Poet. She's the lead content creator for the journal of a Jesus Girl blog and fast growing Facebook community. She has authored two books: the heart-warming book - LETTERS TO ABBA, and DADDY LOVES LIKE ABBA. Mercy-Hephzibah is the convener of the annual online bootcamp for believers from across the world - BASKING IN ABBA BOOTCAMP. She's married to Patrick M. Ndifon. She enjoys journaling, reading, teaching God's word and counselling.

I wasn’t job hunting when I received a call to show up for an interview for the role of programs assistant at The SunRise Youth Intervention Organization. In fact I was a volunteer with another NGO. The day scheduled for the interview, I fell ill. Really ill. I couldn’t go. A week later, I was strong enough and so I went to the office.

I met a panel of interviewers consisting of three men. The interview session was rather warm. I was immediately given the job. My first assignment was to serve guests at the birthday party of one my interviewers. My first day at work was his birthday, hence the task.

2nd April 2018. It was Mr. Patrick Ndifon’s birthday. The one I would be working directly under. I was assigned to learn from him , get guidance and submit my assignments to him first. He was my direct boss.

We started working together. But he wasn’t “bossly” he was rather very friendly and in just a few weeks, a friendship bond grew. We talked about everything- our pasts, our families, our goals, dreams, ambitions. And before long, something was happening to both of us, individually in the quiet corner of our hearts.

At The SunRise Tech Innovation Summit with PSIFON.

I don’t know when mine happened. I mean that thing that grabs your heart and suddenly you realize you care more about this person and in a special way. But I noticed I started looking forward to going to work just so I can see him. I’m usually punctual but I became even more punctual. The day I knew I was ‘in trouble’ was when a girl came to the office and hugged him so tightly. I was mad. I wondered why I was mad. What is wrong with me?

And on his end, he was sharing what was happening to him. As he would later narrate to me, he told David, his Co-founder at PSIFONORG and close friend. He told him “I don’t know what to do. I can’t get this girl out of my head!” And David adviced him to speak to me. To tell me how he felt.

That’s Mr. David Essien at our Introduction Ceremony.

He was reluctant. He didn’t want to destroy the friendship we had if I turned him down. I don’t know why but he finally decided to give it a try. He sent me a message one evening.

“Come early, I want to talk to you”

I immediately interpreted it as a query coming. Did I do something wrong? Did I leave an unfinished task? And so I replied “If you want to scold me about something, Can I have breakfast first?”

The next day, he took me out for breakfast and as we walked back, he told me “I like you”

In my usual jovial mood, I replied “Everybody likes me”.

“I mean, I have a special liking for you. You’re different, you’re beautiful. Resourceful. Regal. My kind of woman. I want to be your man”

“You can’t just walk away like that”. I hadn’t even realized I was walking away from him until he said that.

I paused and didn’t say a word for a few seconds. “We work in the same office space. Seeing me everyday is what has caused this, it’s just chemicals in your brain”. After saying that, I felt a tear escaping my eye and quickly wiped them off. He just stood, staring at me. Finally I added ” I’m scared “.

“What are you scared of?” No reply.

“Will you at least think and pray about this?” I nodded.

When I went back home, I said only one prayer. “Father, if He’s the one for me, let this tiny warm thing I feel bloom, let it grow and cause me to see him as a handsome person”

The very next day, like fire set to a bush in dry season, my whole being began to burn. It felt like fire and water coming together because while I experienced overwhelming heated love emotions, Peace like a river flooded my soul. Abba was saying to me this is your Man. We shared a little of this in our wedding bulletin.

Somebody say “In the beginning”

I said yes. The second best yes I’ve ever said in my life. The best yes was to accepting the Life only Christ gives. This one was to the Man I would do this life with.

Right in the middle of my fears about men and resentment for them, Abba blessed me with the best man for me, brought him in the only way my heart could have accepted him and has brought us thus far. Abba is simply the best Dad!

So tell me, how did you know your husband or partner was the one?

If you’re single, follow the comments.

I love you for reading.

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  1. I am single. The issue of knowing if a person is the one for you has always been a not so easy one. However I like the prayer you prayed before making that decision. It’s so simple. I strongly believe that if you are walking with God and He sends someone your way for relationship/ marriage, you will have a warm peace in your heart about the decision to say yes to the marriage which is exactly what I got from your story. I really enjoyed this write up. God bless you

    • Awww… So true, it was the peace for me. The unmistakable lack of dread.

      I pray you find it easy to know The one too.
      Thanks for stopping by Sis.❤️❤️
      I loved reading your comment.

  2. Good gracious! Just like buddy, I trust God to lead me aright, when the time comes.

    God bless your home!

  3. See the way I’m smiling as I’m reading this. Nice one dear, I love the prayer part so that people don’t go about thinking they have to do 40days prayer and fasting before they know that someone is *the one* . It’s just as simple as you put it.
    My story is long o but that peace of mind just summarizes the whole thing…

    • Oh Yes Sis, Abba hears the simplest of prayers. I would really love to hear your story!!

      Thank you so much for stopping by. And oh the peace, yes. Thank you Mrs Jessy.

  4. I don’t know but I usually go through the comments first before going through the entire write up.
    Maybe because I don’t want to miss anything captivating.

    Okay, so the walk away part got me.
    It’s what I call emotional reflex action.

    Then again, I was so captivated by your prayer and response.
    I’ll love to have mine also.
    Yeah, the fear of men will always be there.

    I’m grateful for your story.

    • Yeah, you’re right it’s emotional reflex. Lol

      Thank you. I’m thrilled to know you got value from this.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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