Three Things That Went Wrong On My Wedding Day.


We had amazing plans for our day, great expectations of surprises (which actually happened) and a team to help us make our day run smoothly. It did for the most parts but here are three things that went not as planned , and one that still pinches me when I recall.

Most of this will comes as photo stories, be sure to read the caption under each beautiful picture 🥰.

Stepping in like the president of this wedding day. Meet my groom- Patrick M. Ndifon II😍.
Don’t worry about my Dad crying at the start of my wedding day service, it was tears of joy.
I told ya! Inside his heart, my dotting daddy was glad for his daughter. And I think he warred with the part of him that was sad that I was leaving.

Let’s get started shall we?

When you get ready to walk in to your day, to meet your groom at the altar and you’re flanked by family, swarmed by a river of smiles and soaked in joy, it does something to your brain. Well, not for everyone. It did to me. So here goes number one;

1. My hair pin didn’t last five minutes into my wedding day.

Actually, number one would be that my hair dresser had totally forgotten about my wedding day. On the eve of my wedding when I called her, she was so shocked. When she came over, her unpreparedness showed in how she made my hair. It was too bogus, and uncomfortable.

Wedding morning, my bridesmaid Ruth Usoro had to readjust the hair and do the pins fixing. The biggest rose-like pin was my favourite, a gift from Amara Osukak.

There it is, my beautiful bridal hair pin.😭

I had initially stepped in calmly, taking things slowly like a calm bride, you know 🤣. Then the minstrel changed gears and the songs almost busted my brains.

The hair pin seated beautifully beside my hair.
This is where you’ll say “When the gbedu don enter body”.

Everything was flying in the air, my earrings, veil, bouquet, my soul and my beautiful hair pin. The thing is this is a pin, it’s supposed to be stuck, not flying.

See that finger in the air?

I had to call for help. At that moment, I felt so blessed to have a hair dresser in my crew. I know my beautiful dress is distracting but try to notice my finger , I was signalling Ruth to come closer and dance with me. She did and I stole the moment to tell her “Carry my pin before it falls to the ground”. By now, it was at the back 🤣.

With my pin gone, I resumed the crazy dance steps 🤣. By the way, that’s my only biological sister – Uduak Essang.

2. Missing Mother of the Bride.

It was time to sign the marriage register. The certificate actually, I and my Buddy were joyful. Representatives of my parents-inlaw were available for the signing but my parents weren’t. After a long search, we found my Dad.

Thankfully, I don’t have so much weight. Signing the marriage register in this sitting position was so cool.😍 Spot my happy groom.
Dad arrived without his glasses. Hallelujah, he signed in the correct place 🤣.
No that’s not my Mum, it’s my big brother’s wife. Gift Edem Eyo. Spot my beautiful crying niece- Gold 🥰.

My mum had left the church premises to do the running around only mothers of the bride know how to do best. Seriously, at some point I felt sad that she couldn’t sign and didn’t partake in the photo taken immediately after the signing.

3. Disposable cups displaced.

Remember when Jesus’s mother came to him and said “They have no wine”?. For me, it was my Dad. And it wasn’t about wine. He was telling me “Daddy Johnnie Akpanke is leaving, who’s giving minister’s food?”. sai.
We danced in joyfully for our wedding party. I didn’t even notice the tables.

Actually, I should tell of how food didn’t go round. But it’s a common thing right? So let’s talk about the drinks and disposal cups. The counselling unit of The Brook Church Calabar sponsored our drinks, gave more than enough for both hightable guests and other guests. They also provided enough packets of disposable cups to go round.

Wine on table, no cups for these beautiful guests to share in the love.😭😭😭
Lonely juices pack, no cups. By this time, bottled drinks had not been shared yet.

We later found the cups in the vehicle that conveyed the groom. It had been kept there to make it easy to access, but whoever kept it had totally forgotten where they kept it. All search for it proved abortive. No one found it.

But in the end….

It was indeed a beautiful day and so we partied.

The rejoicing was massive. Every hydrogen and oxygen molecule vibrated with joy.

If you were present on my big day, give a shout-out in the comment section.

If you weren’t there, you might want to grab a copy of our wedding bulletin here. This magazine is so rich! Story for another day 😍.

I love you for reading.

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  1. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!

    I heard a thing or two about things that went wrong in the wedding. I wasn’t able to attend sha. I dressed up, left the house, but before I finished what I was doing at location 1, the wedding was already over.

    I’m glad it all ended joyfully.

    I love your blog

    • Hmmmmmmmm . My dear mmi. I thank God that the day went on well till the end o. My husband and Destiny nursed the children till end of wedding. . I had to consciously remember that I have 2 children, busy day that made hubby take me to bogobri to ease off stress

  2. It was Indeed a Royal Wedding! The height of it was when your Buddy did that dance for you…. Congratulations to you once again.❤️

  3. Distance wanted being a barrier but I thank God that I still made it to the wedding.
    The wedding was indeed a Royal Wedding. I also want to use this medium to wish you a ROYAL MARRIAGE AHEAD.

  4. An interesting read.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I’m glad it was successful and you had fun.
    I pray the bliss remain.


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