Three Things That Sparked Growth In My Facebook Space


These three things are perculiar to me. They might work for you too because I’ve noticed this with a lot of social media influencers. In fact, I learnt some of this from studying these influencers and some by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. And I’m really serious about the last.

Of course there’s more than three things that can grow your Facebook space. I know five and I’m still studying, still growing. But lets start with three. You’re reading this, you clicked to read this article which means you’re interested in growing your Facebook space which is the basic requirement- desire.

You might be wondering ‘Why Facebook?’ . I love to share what I’ve tried. What I know works and what I’ve experienced growth in. I like to tell about first hand experiences. There’s so much I’m learning about Instagram and my space there is beginning to experience some growth too. When I’ve learnt enough, I’ll share too. I do not have a Twitter account yet and Pinterest is still strange to me.

So what I did that grew my Facebook space?

1. A professional profile picture and a representative cover photo.

Unless you’re already well known then people will follow you for your name and brand. Otherwise, make your profile picture attractive, use head shots, even some already established persons still use professional headshots.
Visit a photo studio, have a professional photographer give you a beautiful photo that captures your face.

This is what my cover photo and profile picture currently looks like.

People want to connect with you. And the first thing they see is your cover photo and profile picture. Let your cover photo show what you do, or where you work or something you want anyone visiting your space to see first.

People search for you. You’ll not know. People visit your space once in a while or very often, depending on your content and consistency. But they do. One of the things that draws them is who they see, how they perceive you from your profile picture and cover photo.

2. Celebrating People.

And I’m not talking about just birthday posts. I mean actually celebrating people. My Facebook space experienced radical growth in February 2017 during a celebration campaign I tagged #Celebratingyoubecause_itsfebruary. It wasn’t anyone’s birthday. I just wanted to show love and appreciate the people in my life . It didn’t go round and I got into trouble when February ended. But friends of my friends liked that I celebrated them and added me.

Also celebrating the people that visit your space. For me, every time someone stops to read and comment on my post, I count it a privilege. They could have passed, but they didn’t. They stopped. It thrills my heart and the least I can do is respond. So I do my best to reply to every single comment.

But do you know? The way Facebook algorithm works is; for everytime you reply to a comment on your post, that post appears again on people’s newsfeeds and more people get to see it. It’s like the platform rewards your for your engagement.

This is the first post where I had more than 1K reactions and hundreds of comments. Notice how I respond to every comment?

I’m sure you’ve seen posts on your newsfeeds where you were told “Mercy-Hephzibah added five comments on this“. In addition to that, it shows people that you love having them. It hurts to be snubbed. It hurts to comment on a person’s post and that person selects people to reply and you’re not one of them. If it’s a birthday post, then save replies for later. Replying too many messages can give you a headache (unless you’re like me 🤣).

3. Content and Consistency.

Although I mention this last, this is of utmost importance. People won’t just follow you because you have a nice photo and you celebrate them. They’ll want to be and remain in your space when they find that they enjoy being in it. Celebrating them makes them enjoy it, and adding value to them seals the deal.

It doesn’t have to be a motivational post or spiritual one. It could be cooking, fitness, jokes, news, etc. Anything of value that makes their time in your space worthwhile. Share about yourself, your environment, spread positivity and keep at it. Only sick people will follow a negative person.

For me, my Facebook space is my opportunity to share my relationship with Abba with the rest of the world and inspire someone to come in to Him and experience the sweetness of this Father-child relationship. I intersperse this with celebrations and talking about things that interest me: football, natural hair, etc.

And being consistent with your Facebook posts gives you a higher chance of growing your space. If you’re really busy, posting once a week is not a bad idea. But when that space grows webs and dust, people can’t find their way in.

BONUS TIP: Keep your timeline clean! Not every post you’re tagged in should appear there. Some people do not know boundaries in tagging. A lot of times I’ve been tagged on posts that had no correlation whatsoever with who I am and what I represent.  Go to settings and switch on timeline review so you can choose what appears on your timeline. A clean, neatly arranged house is more comfortable and inviting. It’s the same with Facebook space.

Let me know this made a difference for you. Drop a comment. Feel free to add your own proven tip for growing Facebook space.

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  1. Have learnt a lot, am glad I stopped by, thanks for sharing Mer, real practical steps, you are a source of inspiration.

  2. Thank you very much for this, ma. I have thought of how to go about this for a long time. It was worthwhile. Thank you.


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