Why I Didn’t Buy My PC Until 3 Days After I Got The Donations For It.


72 hours to the end of May and the arrival of the month of June, the reality of this blog coming up soon and my lack of a computer system with which to make blog posts stared me in the face. I wasn’t actually scared, I was just bothered, worried that my blogging dreams would have to wait until I could afford a PC; which is not any time soon.

I thought of asking Patrick M. Ndifon to pause his work of building this blog until I could afford to actively engage it. I had a conversation with him in this regard and requested that he would help me upload posts each time I had to make one. It was too much to ask but he agreed. And then paused for a minute before saying “What if you got a small laptop of about forty thousand Naira?”. I loved the idea the minute it left his tongue and touched my ears. But it was my-account-balancely impossible.

Then it dawned on me. Why not request for a few friends to support me get a netbook?. It can’t do much, but it can enable blog successfully.‎ With hope laced in fearful boldness I made a post. Almost immediately, friends, senior friends, family members and total strangers began to respond. My phone beeped and beeped as love rained on my account balance. It was happening. It was hard to believe it was.

I have a knack for keeping accurate records so I picked up a note book and wrote down names and amount sent and the exact time it entered my account. It made the process even more fun. At some point right into the early hours of Saturday, 30th May, I woke up to ease myself and had to pause to note three more names. The last alert was for 1:10 AM.

The Picture collage of the amazing people who made this PC happen

6:14 PM. That was the exact time my post had gone up on the 29th of May and by 6:14 PM on the 30th, I had already exceeded the amount needed to purchase my blogging tool. This day, saturday was unusual for me. I was the most restless version of me I’ve ever known! I daydreamed of holding my laptop in my hands. But it turned out getting it this day would be impossible. It was local government’s election day in Cross River State. Business places were closed.

I knew this but I still attempted to get it. I called the Business owner and made my request. He politely declined, asking me to wait until Monday. Today. The waiting was not easy but I had no choice. Andnow here I am with my own PC, typing my first blog post in this reloaded platform. I am excited. That’s the understatement of the century. I am beyond excited!

That smile comes close but it doesn’t capture it all.

This is not a test run.

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  1. I’m proud of you, roomie. It’s amazing how far you’ve gone and how much you’ve achieved. More power to your elbows and more of His amazing grace.

  2. I’m glad sis, that this dream became reality in hours. Keep believing sis, and keep the light shining, cos a thousand and persons are catching the glimpse of this light. I love u sis. Will always stop by here to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  3. This is by far one of the best testimonies I’ve heard this year. I’m sure you had gone on your knees before Father before asking friends. This CANNOT be a coincidence


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