How The Journal Of A Jesus Girl Started Will Make You Laugh


It might or it might not actually make you laugh. The date was 17th January 2017. Before now, I had already written a few brief thoughts on Facebook using the hashtag #JournalOfAJesusGirl but an incidence happened during my service year which opened my eyes to a particular truth about life. I couldn’t wait to share and so I took to Facebook and made my first ever “Journal Of A Jesus Girl” post, having the story and the lessons learnt from this encounter.

It was at Lekki Beach, Lagos. Nigerian Christian Corpers Association were taken on a trip to the beach to have a singles-talk with Pastor Enoch Durotoye.I went along. It was my first time on a beach and is still is my only time one till date. After the first session of marriage relationship talks, we went on a break.

One of my fellow corpers- Femi- beckoned on me to come over to where he was. He stood beside a horse and its guide, then he asked me to mount it. That’s when the drama started. I dread touching animals but when I noticed how well covered the horse was, I obliged. Not easily, but I did.

Below is the post I made, telling how it turned out and what I learnt from it. Remember I made this post in 2017 when I was just learning my cross my t’s and dot my I’s, so pardon the punctuation and use of English. Have a good read.


I’m probably the most fearful person I’ve ever known. From fear of trying new things to fear of animals.
Yes I have this deep-seated phobia for animals, I don’t touch or go close to even the cutest puppies.. I can’t explain why and that bothers me. So getting on this horse was war and a miracle, I summoned all the courage I could afford.

Then came the part of having to take the.. What? Rope? Lol. This guy took me by suprise when he hit the horse, that’s how this horse started riding me without my permission.

Trust me with screaming… I screamed at the top of my voice, begged the guy, pleaded with the horse to stop but it kept moving.. (See show at the beach na) i’m sure others were wondering “which bush girl is this?”.
Then he said pull the rope back, with strength mixed with hope I did.. Behold this horse stopped.(sigh of relief). It was one fear-facing day I’ll never forget.

But I learnt a lesson from this experience; our lives(emotions, actions, thoughts and conditions) are ours to harness like I did this horse. But like my ignorant, overly fearful self, we scream, cry or even let the devil rule us when the power lies with us.

We complain “i can’t help how I feel”, “why won’t things change”.. We let the horse(our emotions and the devil) rule us and we become victims of situations when we actually were created to be lords, having a life we don’t desire or enjoy because of our ignorance (Hosea 4:6)..

How do we take the lead? First we need truth, to know..
1 TIM 1:7(NIV)
When we yield to the Spirit of God, we yield to power..
When we study God’s word, we discover truth.. And His truth sets us free from oppression( John 8;32,36)… We become in charge, producing a life of abundance and peace(ROMANS 8;6)..

And if you don’t have Jesus in your life, this gist is not for you. The devil is fully your Lord and will keep ruling u in wickedness. Change camps then you can be this Victor you were made to be.
Stay blessed.

Mercy on a horse


After this incidence, I started writing fully on Facebook. I would consciously look out for lessons in my daily encounters, Bible and in the books I read and share them from a personbal perspective.

I love you for reading.



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