Perhaps my most anticipated event for next year is the weekend getaway with Jesus and siblings in Abba! I look forward to sharing ABBA’s heart, the exercises, round table discussions, games, and mostly the boost of energy this one weekend promises to give!! Deborah Ndukwu, our latest addition to the writing team, will also be sharing her journey with Abba. Can September come before January????😭😭😭

Register for BASKING IN ABBA BOOTCAMP for Free, click: HERE

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If you are intentional about growing your social media space, GROW ON SOCIAL MEDIA is the webinar for you. This very first event in the year is the first step to a problem I’ve always wanted to solve. I love social media. I love how it’s given me a voice and a platform to share and touch people I’ve never met. I started using social media actively in 2014 and through mistakes and breakthroughs. I’ve learned a few personal pathways around this space that stimulated and are still stimulating my growth here. I noticed people who grow their space obey these basic rules and I’ll be sharing it with you for free.

I’ll also be sharing my social media goals for the year and inviting you to follow my growth in real time. Click on this link to save a seat:

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Whilst the first two events are free, this is not. Another key difference between this and the others is that this is not for everyone. It’s strictly for GOSPEL CONTENT CREATORS.

Are you interested in sharing Christian content on SM? Do you own a page or plan on creating one? This webinar is crafted to answer the questions on staying consistent, finding your niche, growing your audience, spreading your reach, and profiting from your work.

There are two categories of registration.

BASIC – ₦3,000 which grants you access to the program.

PRO – ₦10,000. ($)This covers the access fee, a content creation template, and an exclusive one-on-one mentorship for one month.

#gospelcontentcreators #socialmediawebinar

If you’re seeing this before March 25th, 2023 then you have a chance to save 20% on the registration fee.

Early bird Details:

BASIC – ₦2,400

PRO – ₦8,000

Click here to register

Which of these events do you anticipate the most? How many will you be a part of? Share in the comments.



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